Hurricanes, tornados, and tropical storms scare me.

Thank you, Linda. I am just seeing this. Alberto gave us a good bit of rain in central Georgia, but not as much as the previous Alberto. There was a tropical storm named Alberto in July 1994 that caused major flooding in our area. It actually stalled over parts of Georgia and Alabama. Many bridges and roadways were washed away. The city of Macon was blocked off, and both water treatment plants were consumed with water. The entire water system for our county was knocked out for almost 3 weeks. They had large trucks at certain locations so that you could get free plastic jugs of water. There were porta-potties in businesses, colleges, etc. There was some wind damage from Alberto, but the majority of the trouble was the flooding. Other towns in our area had major problems also. We were fortunate during the last tornado here, but many around us were not.