Hi Renee!

Thank you for asking. I see I am WAYYY behind in posting!

Is it really 6 months??

Well, Melyssa has been in and out of the ER for critically-low potassium, due to
continueing nausea and inability to get all of her meds down, not to mention food
and liquids. But she did find a drink in of all places, the liquor store, that is high
in potassium and other nutrients as well as being really good. Apparently, people use it for
a "hang-over" cure, and although she has looked for it all over the web, she can't find it anywhere else. I
forgot what it was called. But it helps a lot.
Also, nursing service that comes out to give IV nutrients and medications. It helps a lot,
also the liquids, but especially the pain meds that are IV are ones she can't stomach via pills.

We got together last week to give blood, beneficial to help her drop
her iron level, and granddaughter Sami gave (she's 16) and I did too. So we
had 3 generations in there~ lol!
This week Melyssa is feeling better and scheduling two stomach tests. One is to
find out if her stomach empties abnormally slow, the other is for a camera to be inserted into her stomach,
to see if there are any issues.

So far, so good. Thank you for the prayers!!