Thank you everyone who prayed for my daughter Melyssa.
I posted about her marriage, but did I post about her illness?
She became sick last spring, but thought it was a flu bug and was
up and down all summer until she finally started to be concerned.
So fast forward, in Sept. her doctor tested her for disease, she had lost about 20 pounds...
He thought it was PV, a rare blood cancer, but with insurance now, she has been through MUCH
testing and the diagnosis is hemachromotosis, where the body absorbs too much iron. A blood disease
and once thought to be male-only, but it is not.
Doctors do not test for this routinely, and we have seen that it can be very debilitating and even fatal.
There are few symptoms. It is a simple blood test, and I would urge everyone to get tested and
have everyone in your family tested, just to be sure. The treatment if iron hasn't built up in your organs
such as liver, heart, kidneys is simple: giving blood.
We have been through a scary few months where my daughter ended up in the hospital
a couple of times. She is feeling better now, and we are waiting for the results to some of the tests.

Thank you for prayers, and I am happy to return them to all!