Both MPs are sold. I was sad to see Sadie go, she came from Dee,
but I need the space. We have to get a wood stove in case of
a power outtage. Our birds can't survive much below 68.
So space needed and since our house is small, I am getting rid
of furniture and a few dolls.
I still have Annchen~

Darn, I DID rotate that last picture before uploading. I seem to be challenged these
days by putting photos on forums!
Annchen is such a big, sweet baby, nicely weighted and has her original
outfit, but I wanted to see her in this outfit her original owner sent me!
She has thick mohair and I think glass eyes, but not sure. I think she is from
1998? I think Annette made 5 babies, but I have only had one.
I am REDUCING Annchen to $175 shipped. I want her to have a good
home, but will put her on Ebay if I find no buyers here or HH.

Thank you!