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Thread: Old Masterpiece Dolls.....Where ARE They???

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    Default Old Masterpiece Dolls.....Where ARE They???

    LOL, as usual, I am obsessing with dolls I can't find (or afford)....

    But as I was trying to download all of my PhotoBucket pictures,
    I saw some of my first MPs that I wish I had kept.

    I continuously sold them for Himstedts, but also thought I could find
    them again.

    I think this is Taylor, DOTY winner one year....

    Here she is again, with Willow? Not sure, I stupidly did not label the pictures...

    Here is another one I want back, but don't even know her name:

    I can almost see her original outfit on the COA:

    OH! DUH! There it is, Alexis!!

    Is this Emilee on the left?

    Is the baby on the left, Peyton?
    Another I want!

    And this tall redhead. Grrr, so mad at myself!

    I am also looking for Mikayla, Winter and Show White (black hair)....

    More pics when I get to them.
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