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Thread: Prayuers for my Daughter~

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    Default Prayers for my Daughter~

    Have I asked for prayers for her before? Her marriage has been
    up and down and is again down. Her husband has a lot of "baggage",
    and although I always try to stay neutral, I finally (after 6 years of this)
    said <"Maybe enough is enough! He can't seem to tell the truth or be open."

    Her husband had a bad childhood, worse first marriage, and women
    seem to think they can "fix" a man, but I have learned that the man needs to fix himself.

    She has been through it in the last 6 years and deserves someone who will work as hard as
    she does and is as honest as she is....
    my belief. Some of my friends said, "Life is too short", and I agree.
    Isn't constant lying and keeping money from her (and all this time she has
    worked her butt off to make ends meet)
    a form of abuse?

    Sorry, I am so sad for her. She is such a wonderful lady, raised 3 kids and has always been there for his 2,
    rescues animals and helps everyone she can.

    Thank you~
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