I got this baby in a trade about a month or so ago... and I have one other Saskia...so I thought I would let this baby go.
She does have one minor flaw... but, if you don't need a perfect baby... and want this SOLE Saskia for a great price... well, she
just might be for you... Her little eyes have been permanently set... but they are not quite centered the same... that is her only flaw.
I am only asking half of what she originally sold for... $325.00US plus shipping costs. If anyone is interested please pm me and I
will take more pictures for you... She is wonderfully weighted... has magnets in her mouth and in her head for a bow. She has
pierced ears... she will come in this adorable outfit she is wearing in the pictures... I love her as she is, but I want to bring home
my dream baby before Christmas... Please look closely at her eyes, as I want you to be aware of her little flaw...

Thanks for looking. No trades or layaway at this time. I am out and about today, but will connect with you later. thanks...

She would love to find a new Mommy to love her... Please someone give her a good home... Hugs