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    Dear Dolly friends...
    I was talking to a dear friend from India (I was born & brought up there)...
    She has requested me to 'Ask for Prayers' from all of sweet friends...
    As some of you might be aware that in India most of the grown children live with their parents
    Until they get married & Marriages with some exceptions are mostly 'Arranged'.
    Today although times have changed and 'Love Marriage' (finding one's own life partner) is very Common...some Parents and young adults prefer the old paved path of 'Arrange Marriage' Better...where parents select the 'Life Partner' for their the earlier days this Freedom was not given to the kids & mostly parent's Word was considered as 'Final Word' in Selecting who your life partner is going to be...but times have Changed for better and now Parents just 'short-list' the most 'Suitable' candidates & leave it up to the kids To take the 'Final Decision' these ''to be'' couples meet & spend time together (under their parent's Watchful eye)! & let the parents know their final decision...because the initial 'selection' or 'Short Listing' is done by becomes their responsibility to 'Find' the Perfect Match For their son or friend in India has this sweet daughter of marriageable age & They (both parents) have been Trying very hard to find a 'Perfect Match' for their Daughter...But so far...without any luck!!! They Shortlisted couple of boys but for some reason Things did Not friend is getting nervous by the day As she wants her daughter to get Married to A nice boy soon but things are not working and time is running to make the Long story Short...while talking to me she mentioned this couple of times that Shweta (her Daughter) is not Having much Luck finding a match...I told her that I sincerely believe in the 'Power of Prayers' And know they work each I sincerely ask dear dolly Friends to send Prayers For This sweet girl in India...Shweta (Indian name meaning ''Pure'') to Find a suitable 'Groom' Soon & for them To have a Very Happy Married life ahead.
    I Offer My Prayers to dear Shweta & sincerely appreciate yours...
    Thanks & Love,
    : )
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