Hey guys. Long time no hear *bearhug*.

I'm on a big artist bear kick here lately. I went to the Nashville Doll and Bear Show and found a bear that I absolutely fell in love with. She's the one listed as Beatrice, but to me she is Sequoia.
Then I found these guys on eBay. They are pre-loved bears, so I was more easily able to afford them than new artist bears. This one is Timmy made by Heidi Steiner. I didn't change his name because I usually don't do that if they actually have people names rather than titles or really weird names.
He is sitting here in my lap right now getting squuzzed. He was just kept on display in his original home, but not anymore.

I don't know who this bear is yet or what he looks like, as he hasn't arrived yet. The listing says he's an unknown bear. I hope he actually is an artist bear rather than a manufactured mohair bear, but either way I will love him.

Also, I did keep Beatrice as her first name, but she took Sequoia as her middle name and that's what she goes by. She just gave off a strong Sequoia vibe to me so she became part of my forest.