Hi Jose~

I just saw a $20.00 payment for DC subscription coming out
of my PayPal account and was a bit shocked. That is a bit high.

HH is $14, and some people complain about that. I know I was
one of the people who were horrified that DC might fold, but
I am a bit concerned.

THEN, when I looked on PP, it said $40 annually.
I really don't know if I can afford that. I'm not sure I can afford $20.
I think it has already come out.

Is that what it will be, or the $40?
I am considering cancelling even with the $20, because I don't come here that much,
although I love babies and Masterpiece dolls, and so many people here, but I am on a
fixed income and trying to be careful.

I hope to hear from you Jose,
Thank you,