I posted in another thread how I love the sound of certain words and get really excited when I hear them. The other day I was telling a friend who also likes plushies and dolls about my weird love of words and about my Sequoia that I told you guys about. He told me that there was a bear, probably in the 90s or early 2000s, made by A&A who is now Aurora, that came with the name Sequoia. I got all excited and had to find him as that is just awesome, and it's one of my favorite words. This bear is harder than the perverbial needle in the haystack to find, but I also found that Ty made a Sequoia. I'm now on a quest to get all plushies or dolls called Sequoia. It's very weird and hard to explain, lol. I got a bear yesterday by Aurora with both Aurora and A&A on his tag, and he has that name even though he isn't the official one they came out with. He was just so gorgeous and spectacular that I couldn't call him anything else but Sequoia.

Today I got my Beanie Baby from eBay. I usually don't like Beanie Babies, but this one is cool because he is actually fuzzy rather than that cloth stuff they're usually made of. Usually plushies get their tags removed ASAP, even if they're Ty because I don't like them, but I couldn't remove his tag because it says sequoia. If you guys know of any others, could you pass them on to me? Meaning information about them, not that I'm asking you to part with your babies, lol.