This is about spring cleaning your dolls! Now is the time to start your yearly inspections ladies. Like most of you I am constantly making sure my dolls are free of dust. But I'm talking about the things that kinda go unchecked. My shelf sitters don't get the attention that they used to so I usually start with them.
Beginning with the hair! I know some of you purists don't believe in taking down your dolls hair or removing the clothes and that's fine, if you have them in a hermetically sealed display. I know how I would feel if I hadn't combed my hair or cleaned my clothes for years! So... it's a good idea to check and make sure that those rubber bands haven't deteriorated. If they have it's a good idea to replace them and gently brush your dolls hair. Hair that sits usually gets matted. I don't know why this happens but it does. A little childrens detangler and comb usually do the trick. Also, for you Himstedt mommies you need to really inspect those wigs that are a combo of mohair and human. Moths love mohair so make sure there are no critters nesting in there. Cloth deteriorates over time too so you really should wash the clothes.
I like to dry clean the clothes. It gets rid of dust and doesn't shrink or fade them and leaves them with a fresh scent. Just follow the dry clean sheets instructions but use low heat setting.
I use a damp cloth ( squeeze out all water) no soap, just plain water to wipe the vinyl. Make sure it's almost dry cause you don't want water spots on the cloth body of a doll. I use damp Q-tips for the eyes, nose, ears and all the creases. Toothpicks wrapped in cloth are good for in between fingers and toes.
Inspect for any marks or spots. They appear....I don't know why but sometimes no bigger than a pin prick. They look like tiny blackheads!! I have used the Oxy 10 acne cream with good results but I have heard that some have left a fade spot. Never happened to me but I thought I should mention it.
It's also a good idea to make sure you have all your paperwork where you can find it and all the things that your doll originally came with such as ribbons, toys, shoes , boxes, shippers etc.
I am going to add checking the heads since this has happened to me recently much to my embarrassment.
For all your Zapf's or other dolls that have heads attached to breastplates please make sure that they are still somewhat tight to turn. If they are loosey goosey it could be that the flanges are falling apart due to aging. I have posted how to fix them and it's pretty easy.
Well, I hope this has been helpful. I wasn't sure where to post this so am posting also in the How To forum.
Please feel free to add any of your hints .