Everybody knows January is the biggest sales month for fitness centers and health related items. So, I'm reviving the Fluffy Forum so we can all take advantage of all the weight loss that's to happen in January!!!! It's time for me. I've allowed myself to get back up to my all time high weight and I'm tired of it. So, today is the first day I am going to try to eat correct portions, not drink so much soda and EXERCISE. I have to have my Pepsi in the mornings (so far) because it's the only caffeine I intake. I don't drink coffee. I have a glass of WATER here with me though, and I did 1 mile on my treadmill and another mile on the recumbent bike (all indoors). I plan on doing this at least once a day for a bit, until I feel I can do more. Anybody else with me? If you're close enough, you're welcome to come EXERCISE with me. I have a Spinning bike, a recumbent bike, 2 treadmills and a stair stepper (Stairmaster). I also have a bit of weight lifting equipment, dumbbells, weight bench with weights and a back machine. I used to own a fitness center, which makes my "out-of-condition" even worse. I KNOW better! Come on everybody, let's get healthy!!!!