Hi everyone, I joined a little while ago and have been visiting (hate the word lurking!) most days to admire all the lovely pics. I love all types of dolls but have been particularly enjoying the Masterpiece doll pics on here.
My love for Masterpiece dolls started when Linda posted pics of her Mia on Doll Fan. So a Mia (and somehow Danielle also appeared) came to live with me on my birthday.
I then joined DC to find more IRL pics and found Faye, along came Riley, Lacey and Let's Play Dress UP. On the way is Kimmie and I am pretty excited about her, hopefully she will be here next week (I live in Australia). Thank you to everyone whom has posted pics of the Masterpiece dolls, I am thoroughly enjoying the forum. Here are pics of my LPDU.
Hugs, Tanda