Ah Neil, I tried that, hence why I went to post it; seems you only get so much time before the screen has you resign into DollChatter! And when using that little globe it did not go to get anything off my computer, hence why the post, this is the first forum I've ever had trouble with, and FYI I was not requesting any help from you, I was requesting advice as to why it was not working they way MOST do!
I do consider myself to be pretty good with a computer, but if a forum won't let u download a simple photo or clip then something I was doing or it was doing was my query! Sorry my posting seem to put you on the spot, this was certainly not my intent! Knowledgeable help was all I sought! I will say I do thank a forum visitor for sending me a msg, I'm sure I'll get it ironed out or if not, just go without!