I had to pop in here and voice my dismay at James being sent home! I just couldn't believe it! Okay, so I like the other 3 just fine but IMO not ONE of them can sing any where nearly as well as James! He looked so heart broken I wanted to cry!

I wouldn't have ever thought Haley would have made it this far in the beginning. She does win the award for the most improved over the course of this. She is not always consistent but neither is Lauren. When she does hit it right she is probably the best of the 2 girls. I really had thought it would come down to her and James.

Lauren is a sweet Georgia girl and so of the 3 left I would love to see her win but I wouldn't have voted for her over James.

Scotty is just so adorable! I love his style of voice and sound. If he wins I will be happy for him but not sure he can pull it off.