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Thread: Warning about a new reborn kits company

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    Default Warning about a new reborn kits company

    For those who have had bad dealings with Cindy Kohlscheen and RDK (Reborn Doll Kits) it appear she has opened up another company with a very similar name to Simply Reborn and Irrisistables to fool people into thinking that you are actually dealing with a reputable company.

    You can find posts on DF about it here:

    Here is the thread with this response from Esther of Irrisistables:


    by EsthersBabies Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:04 am
    It has been brought to my attention that a web-site has popped up offering a doll kit named Faith that is appearing to come from We are aware of this and know who the person is and are taking the appropriate actions. We are in NO way shape or form affiliated with this web-site. The domain name was registered last night and is registered anonymously with a company that files the domain name under their business name therefore keeping the registrants name anonymous. It is set up so that there are no contact names, no phone numbers, no addresses and the person behind this does not acknowledge who the artist is. We have all seen this before.

    I am available at to answer any questions but please, pass on the word to be leary of this and understand that it is NOT

    Those of you have received an e-mail from be aware that it is NOT ""

    Thank you for all of your support and inquiries,

    Esther McAskill
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