I took my reborn Kylin down to Ms. Faye's shop, Dolls and Stuff, on Friday and had a grand time showing him off in town. SO many people thought he was real. The lady in one of the shops flipped out wanting to know how I had a baby when I didn't even look pregnant last time she saw me! Another lady from out of town told her friend that there is a cult of women who buy these dolls and then take them out in public. I tell you when she said cult I had to really bite my tongue. But I smiled and just said, "Yes, there are lots of ladies all over the world who like to collect dolls and I make these and sell them all over the world." The other ladies were all just saying so many nice things and I was getting lots of requests for business cards but didn't have any so I was just writing my info on slips of paper. Before she left, the lady who made the cult remark wanted to know if I would give her my information too! That was a surprise to me. I knew I needed to come home and order some business cards up for the future. Since most my sales have been through the internet I just never had any made.

I got these at Vistaprint for only $9.00 for 250 with free shipping. I hope they look as good when I get them in person. I decided not to put my phone number on them and reserve the option of just writing it on the cards I hand out locally. I want to be able to send a card with each ebay purchase and I don't want ebay customers getting my phone number so easily.