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    This went about a couple years ago and I can't remember who came up with it but I am posting it here with the disclaimer that it is not my instructions but one I got off another doll board. When I made mine, I actually made a little oval pillow to go in the bottom rather than tucking cloth around a pillow.

    Quote: Cut 4 pieces of fabric 11 inches height and as wide as the fabric. Sew 2 pieces together x 2. Add lace to top. I like to zig zag it on first then sew the two pieces together at the top turn and press. Mark sections I started at the center with the seam 3 inches on each side then every six inches till there is only a few inches left on each end. Then open up and sew the ends on the last mark. Cut excess away. You will need to cut lace before you sew together or after if you like turn and press on each mark for your top stitch. I used a pencil and only marked the bottom so the mark doesn’t show you can use a disappearing pen if you have one. Marked the outside for the ribbons the center with the seam. You need to sew it on the outside only. The others in the top stitch seam you put this on how much you want to stick up over the top of the basket. Stuff the sections about half full and sew the bottom together or serge it then work your poly fill into each section.

    The pad I used a oval hamper lid it was wide enough but not long enough so I made a pattern to add the length. You really don't have to do this a blanket or just a piece of fabric big enough to tuck in.

    Here are the photos that went with it:
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