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Thread: How to post pictures from your photobucket account

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    Default How to post pictures from your photobucket account

    Go to Photobucket and log in with your username and password:

    Select one of your albums to use by clicking on it:

    Double click a picture to enlarge it then again to make it bigger on the page"

    Move to the left of the screen and click inside the box labeled Img Code."It will turn blue" and "It should blink yellow then say copied"

    Go back to Dollchatter and click on the "Forum" Tab.

    Select "Post New Thread"

    Enter a title to your thread "Message" in the title box:

    Then enter what you want to say on line one, then jump down a line, place your "mouse /curser" there and right click your mouse and hit paste. It should fill the text code in the blank space:

    Add other picture by pasting another picture code under each line of code:

    When done, Click the submit button:

    And here you go, a picture with text.

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