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Thread: Sandy Faber makes comment not to buy through The Artists Emporium

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    Default Sandy Faber makes comment not to buy through The Artists Emporium

    I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting this here. I wanted to post in case any reborners here were not aware of the many issues that have arisen with this company. They have produced some Sandy Faber kits that many have been waiting for a long time to receive and there have been all sorts of problems that have come up with this company. I bought a Marley Marie kit from them and thankfully got mine but many others have not been so lucky. I am copying a post that Sandy Faber herself made on the DollFan board regarding the new Paisley and Tatum kits so that anyone who is not a member there can be made aware of this and hopefully avoid being taken advantage of.

    by Sandys Babies Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:05 am
    I think it's time for me to post something about this, I haven't been on the forum much lately (due to pregnancy) so I wasn't even aware this whole thing was going on again. I am not sure if I should place a new thread for this in General? Or that I should just respond to this thread here. Anyhow I would like to reach as much people as possible with this.

    I have been reading all the posts in this thread with horror, I am so so sorry towards the customers and collectors that have been treated badly, have been burned by all this, that have been ignored or not have been receiving their kits after payment. I would just like to state (as some people might think I am behind this all together with Suzette), that, besides the fact that the kits are designed by me, I have got NOTHING to do with the mess this has all become. If I had known all this before, I definately would had choosen another company to bring out my vinyl kits. The only thing I have done, is sold 4 sculpts to Suzette, and what has happened from that point on has been beyond my control.
    I do not know what has happened with the money that they have accepted from people without sending the kits or refunds. To be honest, beside the payment for the original sculpts, I haven't ever received any royalties for any of the 4 kits that Suzette has brought out, even though it was stated in my contract that I would receive royalties for each kit sold. Instead of fighting this I just decided to quit and take distance. I would rather had them using the money to refund their customers instead of using it to pay my royalties. In the end it appears they choose to do neither and keep the money in their own pocket.

    I quit working with Suzette months ago, shortly after what had happened with bringing out my first 2 kits. A while before I quit working with her (and before all the mess with the first 2 kits started) I had sold her the Paisley and Tatum sculpts (the 2 new ones). I wasn't aware that these 2 are now about to be brought out, I have not received any notice, no samples of the kits and no COA's to sign (I wasn't even aware she was still planning to bring them out at all, since I have not been in contact with her for months). I am in shock to read that the whole drama is happening all over again and that once again customers are being burned by this all. I have been trying to get in touch with Suzette but she does not respond to my emails, phonecalls or messages on Facebook either.
    I feel horrible about this all and so powerless and wish I could do more to help people out here.

    As far as I know I have always treated my customers fair, and the people who have dealt with me over the years should know, that I would never ever on purpose be involved in a scam like this and choose to have my name and reputation completely damaged by taking money from innocent customers??

    All I can advice at this point, is NOT to buy anymore of my kits through Suzette, this to avoid anymore problems.

    I do have started working with Linda from DollDreams, and she will be the one bringing out my (new) kits in the near future.


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