Last January I started this Bible study for weight loss. God miraculously took 70 pounds off of me in a short 10 weeks. I give Him all the praise for what He did! He made it so easy for me and I believe He carried me through those 10 weeks. Through the Summer and Fall I didnt follow the bible study like I should have and with my own strength (not God's) I have gained back 24 pounds. I tried to get back into the bible study but this time it is so much harder. I feel God has put me back on my feet to show me that now I need Him more than ever to continue on this life changing journey. I would like to use this forum to journal my days as I start this bible study again and I pray that through Gods help, he will guide me and teach me more about Him as I start all over. If anyone here would like to do this bible study with me I would love the support. You can find more information at Go to "The Lords Table Phase 1. I would like to start January 1, 2010. I was thinking of staring before Christmas but wanted to give some of my friends time to decide if they wanted to join me or not. Please pray for me as I start again and through God's help, be able to stay focused. By the way, the bible study is FREE.