I was a comfortable weight for many years (after being VERY obese up until 10th grade highschool...which waqs a long time ago..lol)....now I am 20 over my comfort zone and really bummed out.
After all my GBM tx and stuff I went on antidepressant. (4 years...)....just went off when I learned that it can be part of the weight gain problem. I am trying to decrease my beloved diet Coke. I don't drink it excessively/day but I really do like it. I drink 1 can /day and only if I have gone on my 3 mile/day walk. I really need to make it occasional and drink WATER!
I feel pretty disgusted with my 20 lb. and none of my nice clothes fitting. I bought an outfit off the clearance rack the other day and have it hanging in my closet...hoping that just maybe it will motivate me and help me to be successfull. I'm told age (46) doesn't help much with losing. Terri