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    Life as we know it at Dollchatter
    Many years ago when I first met the love of my life, she told me that she loved to collect dolls. We
    joined an online forum called Dollfanatics. This was our first encounter with a forum and we had
    to learn the ways of the board. After several months of chatting we met many very very nice people
    who also collected dolls. Several months went by and we had so much fun. Talking and learning
    more and more about the dolly world. Gigi is a quick study and advanced very fast. All of our
    dolly friends came to know us as good and kind people as we had hoped. We tryed to contribute
    in as many ways as we could.
    One day as we were online chatting it came to our attention that some members had problems
    and the board owner had decided not to deal with them and also started charging its members a
    monthly fee to use the forum. Seeing that many members would have no place to go for conversation,
    support and friendship, and that the love of my life would have no where to visit all her dolly
    friends, I decided to start my own doll forum( Dollchatter). Over the last 4 years I have worked very
    hard to ensure that all people who love dolls had a chance to join our community for FREE!!.
    In a day and age where many people are working hard to make ends meet, and are having
    troubles of there own. We thought it would be a good thing to start Dollchatter. Over the past years we
    have added only a small amout of members compaired to other forums with thousands of members. This
    is beacuse I have work tirelessy to ensure member safety and that we only get good honest doll friends
    on our forum. There are many problems today in our world. We still have people from Katrina that have
    no home to live in. We have our men and women in harms way overseas. Not to mention all the fires and
    flooding around the usa. I think we all need to be thankful that we have a place like Dollchatter!. Where
    we can go on a daily basis and visit with wondeful people and put a smile on our face when we see that
    perfect Doll. All the good that comes from our members and our special trades and
    holiday fun are all part of what makes this a special place a second home. In the future there will be members that will
    leave and we will not stop them, But we will add more dolly friends. Dollchatter is here to stay.I
    will try to make sure that all members get along to make Dollchatter a fun place. I will do what I feel is in the best
    interest of all my members as a whole.
    The problems of late will go away. And I hope you all will take pause in the fact that this board was not
    just for you, but for the love of my life. Please keep the peace and remember. Theres no place like home,
    Jose Duddy (Owner
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