I took some time off....so I decided May was the time to start walking again!

I took a walk last night at about dusk and got quite a surprise! I walked on the two streets close by and then went into another neighborhood. Just as I was turning a corner, a lady was in her driveway....in her sock feet...motioning me to stop and look! I crouched down to look into the woods and saw............A FOX!! The biggest and most beautiful fox I've ever seen. His tail was the size of his body and legs combined! He was reddish in color and walking through a wooded area. I talked with the lady and she was excited to see such a site, too. She told me about her bear sitings and I told her about ours! heehee! I think I picked up the pace after that! (and no, I did not have my camera with me! boohoo!)

Does anyone else walk every day?