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07-17-2011, 11:11 AM
In all my years I have never been this scared nor worried. If things fail and they don't pay veterans' benefits nor social security we have no income. I'm sure we are not alone and I wonder what people are going to do. So many voted for "change" I wonder if this is what they had in mind. This unemployment, people losing their homes, and all the uncertainty is not anything I have ever hoped for. How one man can want to spend trillions and belittle people for calling for a halt is beyond my comprehension.

07-17-2011, 11:28 AM
The unemployment and people losing their homes, as well as the social security deficit, started well before Obama came into office... just saying.

07-17-2011, 11:41 AM
I beleive the social security checks and vet payments will be paid, along with the military pay. From what I hear there will be money to pay those and our debt but thats up to the president.
what he decides to pay. And he is up for reelection next year. The spending has to stop, the bailouts, the stimulous which didn't stimulate anything. The uncertainty is stopping the hiring. Everything is downhill.
I just hope they can agree to raising the debt limit with only as much or more spending cuts.
I am a senior and I live in an over 55 community and I can tell you my neighbors are not voting for more spending and more taxes. Most agree the retirement age must be raised--I would say to 68 or 70. People are living longer. The people who live here don't want speeches--they want action and the spending to stop. We will see.
We are told from the time we are children that we can be anything we want to be as long as we work hard. Well, if you work hard and are successful and because you are successful you become rich--you are frowned upon--expected to pay more for your success while people sit on their rears and expect the government to support them. There is something wrong with that.
This isn't meant to be political--it is common sense.

07-17-2011, 11:43 AM
And Bush isn't president. Time to stop blaming.

07-17-2011, 02:18 PM
A President, so removed from the "common man", saying "don't call my bluff" is the one threatening to not let social security payments go through, withholding payment to our troops, stoppage of all VA benefits, and this to take place as of August, 2011. This is a budget issue, the USA hasn't had one for two years, and has nothing to do with any shortage of social security funds.

Also, "well before Obama came into office" the DEMOCRATS were the majority seat holders in the house and the senate.

07-17-2011, 03:24 PM
WHAT I do not understand is the benefits like VA and Military and the SS are all things that are earned. NOT HANDED out like welfare and food stamps and help on rent etc. What about the earned income credits ... YET they stand and hollar that rich need to pay more taxes to fix the budget. WHy not cut the stinking fat. I see wastei a lot in the social programs. BUT the people earn their wealth need to give it up for those that do not pay their own way anyhow.
WHAT happened to the money that was to be set aside for the payment of these????
THEY want government to control car companies and to control food fed to our own kids, they get all up in our business and tell us we do not know any better that they are taking care of us by spending more money.
THEY allow people here illeagal to have rights that ours in jail do not.
THEY get mad when a state tries to follow the laws on this and run mouths about how bad USA is to other.s
TALK about being mean... SS to our older folks is important and now it is a black mail tool. IT IS WRONG. MEDICARE is something that theses people are paying into all along the working time in their llivs. IT IS NOT LIKE MEDICADE that gives to people that do not want to better themselves and just take and take and expect more.
WE bail out business get into banking business and make problems. IF you can not afford a home then rent. BUT they messed that up. HOME ownership is a earned deal not A right. YOU save and work for it.
JOBS are out there but not hight pay and we have to work 2 or more jobs to make it. BUT we have done it. NOW they work one job and we see them rewarded for needing help while we work and the more we earn the more we have to pay out.
RICH people earn it, or know how to manage it. THEY create the jobs. BUT now if you do earn and get rich you are bad and you owe people that think it is ok to sit and take. THEY work one job and if it is not making it they collect money from TAX payers.
I am so fed up and when OUR LEADER lays earned benifits out there in a blackmail to get his way that is wrong. I am sorry that your fearing for all you have worked for and all you have be promised for jobs are now slipping out cause people in WASHINGTON could not stop playing robin hood.
YOU work you eat. simple truth. BUT now you work hard your punished. YOU lay around you get earned income credit. WE both worked and raised our kids and did not depend on uncle sam to feed them and dress them etc. WE paid for our kids to be born. WE Did not get Free DR etc.
BUT now there are a lot of people that think all of this is OWED to them. I do not understand. I will pray for you all that are depending on your return on your investments

07-17-2011, 05:39 PM
my husband just got a job,lost his a year and a half ago,it has put so much stress on my family and we may lose our home,it is so hard,i never thought our country could get this bad.

07-17-2011, 10:05 PM
Bobby and I will be hurting if we don't get our SS checks also. I don't consider them a handout as we've both worked at least 50 years and paid into the system.My son is active duty military and I'm sure he expects his pay also. How can anyone be asked to defend our country if they are not going to be paid. I think the solution would be to cut Congressional pay and put that into the SS cofers.They only have to work a few years and they get a check for the rest of their lives!Let's cut our their pay and see how they like it.We haven't gotten a cost of living raise in a couple of years but I assure you that they've voted themself a pay raise! Something needs to change in our country and I don't mean a little "change" left over from our paychecks!

07-17-2011, 10:13 PM
i agree ss is not a hand out it belongs to you they took it from you with a promise of return an mis used it.

07-17-2011, 11:32 PM
I'm praying all of this gets worked out and the people who EARNED and DESERVE their money get it. I just keep praying that the end result is FAIR. I am so sorry for what this country has gone through and yes it has affected my family and loved ones in a big way even though my dad served this country and so did so many others. It seems like so many priorities have been turned upside down! God willing things will work out. Keeping fingers crossed...

God bless,

07-18-2011, 12:23 AM
My hubby is 63 and would like to retire but can't insurances..are so high .. This mess all started when they started shipping jobs across and nothing here ..then they import it back and don't have to pay much or if any.. Is rediculous.. I have to say we are taking GOD out of our country and its failing just others did in the bible. .My hubby has worked for 34 years and we have struggled too.. not sure where our country is going but they need to do something and soon or else.. They just keep doing the same thing and it won't work.. obama following years ago what worked didn't work now and how do they think another stimulous or borrowing again is going to work.. It didn't the first time..just a temporary bandaide..:-(( I think we are going to be in for some rough times ahead..

07-18-2011, 09:26 AM
I'm with Audrey on this one. A lot of money is spent on things that are never used. Just last week they talked on the world news about 2 Billion in president dollar coins being minted that no one wants that will be put aside but is still being minted. Go figure. And an airport built but never used. Why?


07-18-2011, 02:56 PM
They also need to stop sending billions of dollars to other countries! DH and I were watching some news program when we were at McDonalds last week. It was an embassider(SP) from Pakistan. She was going all off on the person interviewing her about how people in the US feel funding to her country should be cut. I do not believe her country had no clue Osama was there. As well there hits a point where we need to start helping and aiding ourselves before helping the rest of the world. And I don't mean big company bailouts, I'm talking pay off our debt to other countries put money back into SS, Military, and VA. We also should be cutting the yearly paychecks to our elected officials. Or better yet the people vote if they deserve a pay raise. They should also start looking into people on SS Disability. My dad is on it and needed a lawyer to appeal his first rejection. He even went back to school to try and find a diffrent job, but due to his pain he couldn't even sit in the classes without major pain. But it seems like for ever 2 legit cases of people on SSD there is a case of fraud. I worked with a guy that went on SSD for shoulder pain saying he couldn't open the door at work without pain (he was a door attendant), just before quitting. While he was working every Friday he had a tee time at the local golf club. How can someone that can't open a door, which he pressed the handicapped button 99% of the time anyway to let people in not have pain golfing?

Also I don't remember who said it I agree people now seem to think they are entitled to things that should be earned. There is a couple at my parents' church that got all pissed off they have been renting a trailer for 15 years. Yet Brian and I bought a house after being married for 5 years. They didn't think it was fair. This couple bounces from job to job, the husband can't stop running his mouth off so he gets fired. She just gets sick of the place she's working at and quits without lining up a new job first. They also aren't responsible with their bills. Say they have $500 in their bank account and they have 6 bills that are $100 each. Instead of paying 5 of the $100 bills, they don't pay any of them. Last year he finally got a good job. They needed a new vehicle. But instead of buying a good used car that is good on gas, they bought a brand new Jeep that gets low gas millage. He's got quite a few speeding tickets and has said at church their insurance on the Jeep is $150 a month. A couple months later he ran his mouth at work and instead of firing him they put him on a 3 week suspension without pay.

How is it not fair that Brian's worked at the same job for 8 years. I don't work because of the cost of child care, I'd only be bringing home $100 a month after day care. But we are responsible with our money. When we needed a new vehicle, we straight out bought an older truck for Brian. Yeah gas isn't the best with it, but it was what Brian wanted and we have no car payment on it. My car we have a payment on, but it's good on gas and we bought it used. Our insurance is 2/3s for the truck and car than just their Jeep. We pay our bills. When we went to get the home loan the guy asked what we could afford a month, he didn't tell us what the bank would give us.

We have worked for what we have yet they think they are entitled to what we have because they are older and have been married longer than us. I keep hearing people saying the younger generations feel entitled to everything, when I've even been seeing it in people in their middle years. A few years ago banks were throwing out home loans at people like them and then when the crap hit the fan they had the government bail them out for their mistakes.

Janet Billy Buttons Dolls
07-18-2011, 10:04 PM
God is angry-the state of the world and times are sad..My husband worked 38 years in construction-many surgey's and retired and is back working hard at a nursing home for $14.00 per hour cutting grass etc..To keep a decent life style and pay your bills there is no retirement -.