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  1. Doll News
  2. Great idea, Jose!
  3. Sandy Faber makes comment not to buy through The Artists Emporium
  4. Warning about a new reborn kits company
  5. A fun doll show coming up on Feb. 19th
  6. BJD Fans~The Biennial BJD Convention Aug. 2,3 & 4th in Austin, Texas
  7. Is anyone going to Las Vegas for THE MODERN DOLL COLLECTORS CONVENTION?
  8. Furby's!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Cute American Girl Christmas Youtube for Girls:
  10. Masterpiece Dolls Holiday Photo Contest
  11. Did anyone go to IDEX this weekend?
  12. February Masterpiece Dolls are shipping!
  13. Modern Doll Collectors Convention
  14. R.O.S.E. International Doll Show Website Launch!
  15. Toni's Selling all Masterpiece Dolls, are they going to stop Carrying?