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  1. Thank you Jose and Gigi and Welcome to the Trading Corner
  2. Lee Middleton A/A Peaceful Slumber
  3. Ok..I'll try too!
  4. I have some osmond dolls for trade would love a lee middleton
  5. I also have 50s dolls I would trade for a himstedt
  6. Pregnant Barbies
  7. Dolly Trade
  8. trade for a reborn
  9. Himmies, silicone, etc
  10. trade?
  11. Here's my list!
  12. My turn...lots!
  13. Toddler Wanted
  14. Custom Reborn LW Paulette for Trade
  15. Dolls For Trade - Bucki
  16. Bradbury Resin Dolls
  17. Trade Sandy Mpl For Sarah Mpl
  18. Trades Middleton asian reborn
  19. Trade for LM body or other dolls/Little Gotz girl
  20. My turn...
  21. resin dolls
  22. looking for Helland dollie
  23. Trade for a lee middleton toddler
  24. Will trade this mini ooak.. and more!
  25. My dolls for trade
  26. Looking for Trade
  27. AD Charlie for a Puppi
  28. Trade
  29. Sophia Preemie
  30. trade leah by zapf for...........
  31. A Doll For Unisex Baby Clothing?
  32. Real baby clothes - boy
  33. I have a reborn for trade!!!
  34. Any one in UK like swapping?
  35. I would like to trade....
  36. Trade complete doll for kits....
  37. Puppi trade
  38. Zapf Leon for trade.
  39. Looking for an adorable sleeper.
  40. Baby to trade
  41. Jesse
  42. Welcome Home Emily For Trade/Sale
  43. Here are my trade offerings
  44. I have Mongolida LM, jasmine goes to Grandmasq
  45. would trade my alex by ashton drake
  46. Heart and Soul Beth for trade
  47. Want to trade???
  48. WOuld like to trade for a doll maker doll
  49. Gunzel For Puppi
  50. I have a pre-china Lee Middleton for possible trade?
  51. Some new kids toys to trade! & my child dolls
  52. Trade my zapf Leon for a pre-china LM.
  53. trade 2 babies for an ipod
  54. TWO LTR Babies For...
  55. I really really wanna trade
  56. Zapf Til for Trade!
  57. H. Gunzel/Gotz London Girl
  58. Middleton Treasured Memories
  59. Silicone Trade
  60. Baby For Trade!
  61. Barbie dolls for trade
  62. Trade 2 for 1
  63. Baby For Trade
  64. Trade???
  65. Will trade Brittany by Masterpiece for AD Picture Perfect
  66. I need magnets
  67. Trade Custom Made Purses For Babies! :)
  68. Lee Middelton Tyler or Tiffany
  69. Adorable Reborn for trade
  70. would be willing to trade
  71. Btio doll for trade
  72. Will trade digital camera for a baby!
  73. trade for Hop to It
  74. LTR Beddy Bye for trade
  75. Medium bent leg full vinyl body
  76. would trade LM doll for american girl doll or clothes
  77. another Beddy bye
  78. My Head for Yours
  79. Reborn Baby Boy
  80. Madame Alexander McDonalds baby
  81. Boo Boo Middleton for trade
  82. Kitti Himstedt
  83. Kits for Sale or Trade
  84. Bonnie Chyle Toddler Reborn
  85. Trade for a Puppi?
  86. Trade reborn bodies?
  87. Will trade KISSY for MA Mini OZ dolls or 1 reg. size.
  88. LM Med/Standing Leg
  89. Trading for daffy dill
  90. Disney collectors/Princess dolls
  91. Cuddly infant body with limbs
  92. McDonald's Wizard of Oz from 2008
  93. Ruby buy monkia leving
  94. Head exchange
  95. Trade for ashton drake
  96. wanted Rock a bye
  97. Wanted: Lil Peanut Face by Middleton
  98. Wanted Samuel by Masterpiece
  99. Trade LM Evergreen NIB for someone to reborn Chester kit
  100. Jan-Nov Doll Crafter and Costuming Mags for...
  101. Trade LM's for Ashton Drake
  102. Trade Mei-Leing for Chester
  103. Baby Trade for Christmas
  104. Trade by Reborn Ariella for Chester
  105. Lieschen Himstedt for trade
  106. MY doll or head for LM Alison
  107. Looking for LTR baby for trade...
  108. Trade my NWT Dooney & Bourke for a doll..
  109. looking to trade for woodland sprite
  110. Willing to trade...
  111. Body...limbs...book
  112. Bonnie Chyle Baby
  113. Monika levenig of mpl toddler
  114. peaceful Slumber Baby
  115. Tasha Edenholm Baby
  116. Baby girl for trade
  117. looking for a full size reborn sleeper
  118. Tasha babies
  119. Tina Kewy Baby
  120. Asian Adora Doll
  121. Trade!
  122. Want to trade my ariella for a reborn rooted brown curly haired ariella
  123. Willing to trade these dolls for a Reborn!!
  124. Sebilla bos for a Himstedt?
  125. 68 Hallmark Barbie & Disney Ornaments For a Reborn
  126. Does anyone have a Reborn Secrist Squeaky for Trade??
  127. Willing to Trade For 'Cozy Hugs' by Pamela Erff
  128. I have a baby for trade! Looking for a toddler!
  129. Dolly Trade
  130. Reborn Webb baby for trade
  131. I Go Boom
  132. Looking for a Standing toddler....
  133. A trade???
  134. Maybe trade 2 for 1 ...ashton drakes for middleton
  135. Trade Middleton Bunny Bundle
  136. A middleton reborn Debbie body
  137. Trade Jessica Farmer kit for another kit???
  138. Want to trade Jacob head for a larger one
  139. Anne Geddes dolls for trade
  140. Going to try to do a little trading
  141. Maxton for trade!
  142. Trade your Brooke for my Jenna?
  143. Trade Offerings
  144. possible trades
  145. For trade silicone doll
  146. Middletons
  147. Marissa May reborn
  148. bailey masterpiece for trade
  149. Middleton Toddler
  150. Nel Deman Reborn
  151. Toothy Face Middleton, Medium or AA Wanted
  152. Reborn Tanner Trade For Toddler Girl
  153. Trades
  154. Wanting to trade MPL Natalie for....
  155. Anne Geddes Bucket Baby Eliza
  156. Owen-sabilla bos-puppen
  157. Looking for a Kylin Sculpt
  158. Wanting to trade mpl natalie for another toddler
  159. Eva Helland Winter Splendor for Trade
  160. I think I need to give this a try!!
  161. May be willing to trade this ADORABLE reborn girl...
  162. Trade?
  163. Tasha reborn baby, So cute!
  164. Adorable Shawna Clymer Fairy Reborn
  165. Scrapbook items
  166. Reborn for a toddler
  167. several babies
  168. Emma Leman for Mia, Tonja or Cora Lee Stannat?
  169. Want to trade me??
  170. For Sale or Trade:Crying Baby Wibke by Manuela Muth Reborn Doll Kit
  171. Trade for a silicone?
  172. Trade-Shawna Clymer -Raven- FOR?
  173. July Middleton for a Gymbo Card?
  174. Will trade M.L dolls for african violet items
  175. Some for trade
  176. Chyle Baby
  177. Rag Quilt for an LM head
  178. will trade
  179. Reborn Chyle
  180. Trade reborn sleeping girl
  181. A couple of big cuddly babies for sale or trade
  182. Polly 4 trade
  183. Reborn for a Masterpiece
  184. Long shot Trade
  185. NRFB_M.L Hailey
  186. Mausi for an awake Lee Middleton
  187. LM body for wig?
  188. Ashton Drake Sugar for trade or sale
  189. Trade Reborn Ashton Drake Joelle For Sandy by Monika Peter Leicht
  190. Beni Loui for awake reborn
  191. Anyone need a body?
  192. Wanted Middleton Stars and Stripes Medium Skin tone
  193. Kiomi Himstedt
  194. Have baby Lee Lee for trade
  195. Trade my Dagmar and Lisa Marie
  196. would love to trade
  197. Trade my reborn for Monika Levenig or Leicht doll
  198. Trade Reborns
  199. trade ellowynes
  200. Vintage himmies for trade
  201. ashton drake Jasmine!
  202. Trade for LM 27"
  203. Reborn for Trade
  204. Aby mommas - ariella reborn by debbie
  205. im looking for a welcome home emily
  206. Himstedt's for trade
  207. Bonnie Chyle Head, Middleton body baby for sale or trade
  208. Beautiful Asher reborn
  209. Trade M.L Madison for Lee Middleton precious in green
  210. some sweet babies I have traded!
  211. Anyone like Himmies?
  212. my reborn Amy Knoops for
  213. Trades for 2000 or newer himmie
  214. Trade Jun Li for a reborn
  215. Trade reborn kits?
  216. Want to trade for standing MP dolls
  217. Christmas trade...
  218. Looking for American girl, my twinn or other 18" dolls in trade for BENJAMIN H&S
  219. Gunzel Henrike and Leopold for trade
  220. Couple cuties for trade
  221. Reborn mackenzie trade for 2 other ml's
  222. Reborn Berenguers & Other
  223. Holly by Masterpiece for standing big girl
  224. DIANA By Levenig masterpiece 40" standing
  225. Puppi gunzel will trade for toddler doll
  226. Trade reborn for Masterpiece big kids
  227. Hailey for trade for Ellie or may be someone else
  228. Reborn for Sprite or Masterpiece doll
  229. Mackenzie trade update
  230. Daxton
  231. Would like to trade Bailey MPL Masterpiece
  232. Trade my Stannat Cora Lee for your ML Holly?
  233. Will trade A.D's Maddie and Gunzel's Leoplod for a standing M.L doll
  234. custom reborn trade for a toddler standing girl
  235. Trade my reborn Miranda Ivy....
  236. Trade Gunzel's Leopold for some size 2,3, and 4 toddler outfits.
  237. MASTERPIECE BIG girls for a HIMSTEDT???? OR........
  238. Masterpiece Big Girls wanted
  239. Looking for Pillowcase and Apron Knot type dresses for big girls
  240. Thinking about this trade......
  241. LM's Penguin Slide for trade
  242. Willing to trade my dolls in the sales section for...
  243. Sleeping Welcome Home Emily
  244. MPL Chrisitn will trade for standing Levenig or Leicht
  245. Wanting to trade my Jenna by MPL for Sydney
  246. trade handmade afghan for Lee Middleton outfits or 0-3 mo size
  247. Anyone have Mikayla by Lorna Miller Sands?
  248. Anyone have Araya Sun (either color eyes)
  249. Looking for...
  250. Zwergnase dolls